ABS Tip #1

ABS Tip #1

We all have been a bit more lenient than usual and indulged in a holiday treat or two.

Not to worry!

Now the trick to toning and leaning out your abs is a combo of a few things rather than one.

Tip #1: Eat Better

 Okay, so this seems like a pretty broad tip, but honestly, this can be easier said than done. If your abs are not visible, then you need to lose a bit of body fat. To lose body fat, you have to go to be in a calorie deficit.

As of now, you’re probably eating more than you should. Before you start restricting calories, start with making better decisions in your food intake by removing refined sugars and processed foods such as candy, fast foods, and soda.

 Work on portion control and create better eating habits. Your body will need to adjust to eating less food since you may currently be eating at an excess. For example, say no to that 2nd helping of food when you’re already satisfied or skipping dessert.

 Your appetite will naturally adjust as well as your mindset. Yes! it’s a mind thing too. The need you feel to eat more will take a backseat. Finally! You are ready to take the next step.

 When you’ve hit this milestone, we can talk about tracking calories.

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