ABS Tip #2

ABS Tip #2

I’m backkkk……

I know you’ve been dying to get the scoop on the secret to lean abs.

So I’m not going to hold back!

Here ya go:

Tip# 2: Drink a Ton of Water

Did you notice that I said ‘a ton’ of water?

Drinking about a gallon of water a day can seem daunting, but its totally worth going for it. Sometimes, knowing the why behind the what can help motivate you to take action.

So Why?

To try and keep it simple, we want to make it easier for our bodies to flush out toxins such as body fat. Drinking water gets us closer to our goal which is to turn our bodies into a FAT BURNING machine and get those abs peakin’!


Personally, I have the silliest hack that helps me chug down water. I drink from cute bottles and canteens. There’s just something about a marble canteen that gets me all giddy. My favorite are large sized bottles so i can get the most bang for my buck.

You can start ASAP and without breaking the bank so don’t put it off until tomorrow.

Get up from your desk, couch, or bed and get to chugging!

Happy Drinking!